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Olympic Sports

A recent controversy raised questions about the minimum age for Olympic athletes.

Olympic Games

At the Olympic Games, medals are awarded for first-place finishers in individual and team competitions. These awards are presented soon after the end of each event. The first three competitors in each event proceed to the rostrum where a member of the International Olympic Committee will hang their medals around their necks. The medals are also commemorative.


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not have a uniform minimum age, so age eligibility rules vary from sport to sport and discipline to discipline.


The medals for the winter Olympics are different from their summer counterparts. The winter games’ medals have different designs reflecting the culture of the host city.


In the past, medals have featured the Greek Parthenon and the Roman Colosseum. However, this trend came to an end after the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney.

figure skating

In the case of figure skating, a proposal to raise the minimum age limit failed in June 2018, with Russians voting against it.

Host Country

The host country decided to make the medals more environmentally friendly and recycle more materials. In addition, the medals are more durable.

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The most common method involves comparing the gold medal total with the total number of silver and bronze medals won by a country.

organizing committee

eight years

Asian Games

Asian countries

Asian countries have also performed well in other games. For example, China won four golds in the basketball competition, while Taiwan and Hong Kong won six medals in various sports. These victories are encouraging signs that Asia is getting better at the Olympics.