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The heptathlon is a series of seven events held over two days, assessing key components of strength and versatility.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

In 1988, Jackie Joyner-Kersee set the world and Olympic record for this sport. She broke the 7,000-point barrier on ten separate occasions, and no other competitor has come close to her record. It’s important to note that a high-level performance is a combination of all seven events, and scoring at this level means you’ll need to excel in all seven.

Ultimate Test

The heptathlon is the ultimate test of all-round athleticism for women. There are seven events on a two-day programme, with points awarded for each event.

Seven Track

The heptathlon consists of seven track and field events, all held in sequential order. The modern heptathlon was first contested at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Now Held

It is now held in both men’s and women’s competitions. Its name comes from the Greek words epta and athlos. The word heptathlete is derived from this Greek word.

Event Requires

Each event requires a certain number of runs and jumps. Heptathletes can only make one false start in the track events, and a second one will disqualify them.

three tries

Additionally, they have only three tries at the long jump, javelin, and shot. As you can see, this means that athletes have to be quick and agile to make the most of every event.

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Shooting is a team sport and features in the Summer and Winter Olympic programmes. It also features in the Modern Pentathlon.

team sport

Soviet Union

decathlon competition

competitions feature

The Olympic shooting competitions feature three different types of weapons, namely the rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Shooting is done from prescribed distances, with athletes aiming to hit a bullseye on a paper target or a flying ‘clay’.